Sunday, May 25, 2014

Ecce Icky!

Many years ago I dabbled in the arts... NO. Not the dark arts. Literally, the arts. I actually got to learn Photoshop pretty much from its inception, which certainly facilitated exploration of the more macabre images in my brain. Here's an example of a piece I did 15 years ago.

It is entitled "American Psycho."

(Completely aside, I wonder what I was reading around that time of my life... hm.)

I've been feeling a creative itch as of late, so I've decided to dig up my kit... NO. Not my kit of torture instruments. (I'm saving those for later... hehe). As I was saying, I've unearthed my kit of drawing instruments in order to revisit that underexposed side of my self. I'll be posting here (also on my Instagram feed @oddddreeeeworks in progress and finished pieces as I explore. 

You know I always value your feedback, so please do let me know if I'm being too rough with my rough sketches, or not drawing enough blood out of my finished subjects... er, I mean images.

Here's the first of what I hope to be an arsenal of attacks... er, I mean drafts.

It is entitled "Grazing."

(I'll be playing around with it in Photoshop, so this is just the beginning. Be warned... giggles!)

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